A facilitated session is a structured meeting in which the facilitator guides the participants through a series of determined steps to arrive at a result that is created, understood, and accepted by all participants.

In facilities management, the reasons to hold a facilitated session are such as to:

  • Harness the collective creativity of the group
  • Foster change
  • Change perceptions, attitude and behaviour
  • Correct course when things are going wrong
  • Transform FM department culture or improve relationships hindering its effectiveness
  • Create a collective vision for FM department
  • Accomplish something that cannot be done by the facilities manager alone
  • Make tough decisions

A well designed and run facilitated session can:

  • Help change FM operations direction
  • Generate new solutions for old problems
  • Get everyone pulling in the same direction
  • Allow team members to get to know and come to trust one another
  • Foster new ways to working together
  • Help people see things in new ways and envision new possibilities for themselves and the FM team
  • Contribute to creating a new and healthier culture for the FM team
  • Encourage people to take risks that are necessary for the organisation to thrive

Every facilitated session has a specific purpose or results to be achieved. To create the results, the facilitator is to guide the participants through a series of predetermined steps such as doing:

  • Situation assessment
  • Visioning and goal setting
  • Strategy development
  • Action planning


It will be cost effective and time efficient to engage a Facilitator who is a FM Subject Matter Expert and a Certified Facility Manager.



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