Overcoming Financial Challenges in Managing Facilities Efficiently

What did I speak on during the Facility Management 2009 Conference?

I was privilege to start off the conference by sharing on how we as FM practitioners can possibly overcome financial challenge in managing facilities efficiently by:

  1. Explaining the potential of the practice of FM as a value-added function and business advantage to organisations
  2. Reducing Costs while giving quality services
  3. Shifting from preventive maintenance to pro-active maintenance
  4. Battling with increasing energy costs
  5. Identifying facility management goals that align with corporate goals
  6. Maintaining a competitive edge while providing efficient facilities

It was a challenging delivery for me as I was requested to address the above concerns with 40 mins. My goal for the presentation was not to impress but impress upon fellow FM practitioners that this is the time that we can demonstrate our value-add capabilities and potential advantages to our organisations. 

To Your FM Success!


“making a difference in facility management….”

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