Making a Difference in Facility Management

Hi Fellow FM Practitioners,

As I relate to facility management profession, how then can we make a difference as FMers? 

Facility management cannot yet be described as a fully established discipline as compared to architecture, civil engineering, surveying, etc. However, the rate at which the discipline is developing suggests that its status will continue to rise, bring to the point where it will be on par with other professions.

In my opinion, to make an impact in FM, the three main attributes that we ought to possess are INTEGRITY, ORGANIATIONAL SKILLS and COMMUNICATION SKILLS.

FM is not just about looking after buildings & their systems & equipment. FM is the creation of built-facilities to support the core function of the organisation. Knowing how occupants within an organisation make use of the built-facilities, how those occupants / people can perform at their best – is the key to understanding facility management.

Facility management practitioners need to understand how the buildings, built-facilities behave and function to support people in their work. In today’s dynamic business environment, a fundamental charateristic of the environment is CHANGE and so one of the main competencies that facility management practitioners should have is an ABILITY TO MANAGE CHANGE. Other competencies include organisational management, financial management and customer service.

I will touch further on FM professional development which are concerned by most fellow FM practitioners.

To Your FM Success!

Making a Difference in Facility Management…….

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