FM Quotes

Facilities Management Quotes


“If you do not appreciate what facilities management is about, and practice it to its potential, then facilities management will be what the organisations say it is.”

“The ability of facilities practitioner to identify, sustain, and contribute value to the organisations. Facilities practitioners must know what facilities or services are critical to the operations of the business, and how to safeguard and increase the profitability of the organisation.”

“If you are not able to lead your FM department to add value to your organisation, credibility is unlikely to be established, and facilities management is unlikely to be recognised as a business advantage in your organisation.”

“Understanding the value of facilities management helps to direct our decisions and priorities, and allow us to focus on the essentials. In short, the value of facilities management drives our practices.”

“For facilities management to be effective and efficient, it must be align its activities to support and facilitate the organisation’s business operations.”

“Facilities operations sustain value through ensuring facilities services are operating at their peak performance and meeting the needs and demands of the stakeholders.”

“One of the key demonstrations of facilities management’s value is in its ability to prevent or minimise business interruptions and to support the organisation in disaster recovery effectively and efficiently.”

“For facilities management to be recognised as a value-add to organisation, it has to be proactive and continually initiate facilities improvements.”

“Facilities improvement projects are opportunities to contribute value to the organisation. Projects are visible, and  an opportunity for facilities management to gain credibility for providing solutions to stakeholders’ problems.”

“The level of recognition and respect for facilities management is determined by the ability of its practitioners to demonstrate value contributions to their organisations.”



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