Common Challenges faced with FM Customers’ Expectations

In today’s competitive and dynamic business environment, facility management services are faced with more critical and demanding than ever. The effectiveness and efficiency of the facility management services and their ability to deliver the expected quality of services contribute a major role in meeting organisational’s interest and customers’ needs (also mean end-users)

In many cases, the common challenges faced are such that customer expectations are not communicated well and services level agreements were poorly defined, or not done. Also, the customers my have unrealistic expectations with what the Facility Management department can achieve given the staffing and financial constraints which the facility management department is expected to operate. In most cases, there are no means of reporting tools to measure the effectiveness of the quality of the Facility Management department’s service deliveries to the customers. As a result, many Facility Management departments were unable to establish what “Customer Satisfaction” should be based on and unable to establish the  measurement for success for their facility management services delivery.

To overcome these challenges, the facility managers must proactively manage their service delieveries to ensure they are cost-effective, meeting the expected quality and atisfying their customers. The solution is to establish practical and reasonable agreed service levels with customers and to set reasonable measurement and reporting system. One of the effective tools to adopt is the use of an Service Level Agreement (SLA) to clearly define the customers’ expectation and to service as a guide to determine priorities, response time and measurement criteria. That will enable the Facility Manager to effectively manage the performance of the Facility Management department.

In my next few writings, I will share on how Service Level Agreement can be implemented for Facility Management.

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