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Thanks to those who mentioned to me to put up my social network involvement.

Currently, I’m inolved in LinkedIn and you can find my involvement through facebook, under FMS Associates Asia Pte Ltd,  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Singapore-Singapore/FMS-Associates-Asia-Pte-Ltd/119871544709748 .

Those of you who are in LinkedIn, let’s get connected. For those who wish to receive monthly newsletter relating to Facility Management, please log on to http://www.fmsolutions.biz/Newsletters.html to sign up. There are many good and valuable information there about facility management.


To Your FM Success!

Steven Ee

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Ways to Prepare Your Presentations

Many a times when we have been asked to give a presentation, some of us (including myself) tend to find organisation and flow in the talk challenging.

Over times, I began to adopt the below general simple format to help me organise in my presentation:

1. Open: Present the objectives of the talk

2. Key Points: State 3 – 5 major areas my talk will cover

3. Details: Discuss the details of each key points.

4. Example: Give at least one example, whenever appropriate, to the audience so that they can understand better.

5. Close: Recap my key points

6. Next steps: Tell the group what will be happening next.

I hope that helps. Keep the questioning coming. Let’s share & learn.


To Your FM Success!

“Making a Difference in Facility Management”

I’m Back…

Hello to ALL!

This blog is still live. Thanks to those who concern and feedback…..

I’m back and I will catch up with where I’ve stop. Yes, it’s been a long while and I’m excited to share the experiences and learnings that I’ve been through over the last months.

A good friend of mine, David Cassavant, from the USA, shared with me his recent teleseminar on “The Swine Flu Pandemic: Urban Myths and Real Solutions for Preparing Your Business”. He has sent me the recorded teleseminar and its power-point slides. Here is the link: www.wpsac.org/swine 

Enjoy! I will catch up soon.

To Your FM Success!


“Making a Difference in Facility Management….”

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