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How FM can Add Value to Organisation

Outsourcing and cost reduction have been and still are an important trend within facility management, but in recent years, this has been combined with a new trend with more focus on value-add to organisations.

The photos show an activity that reflect the “value Add” efforts to a mission.

You know as well as I do that Value add is NOT equal to Cost Reduction.

Facility Management can add significant value to its organisation by focusing on best practices, ensuring the facilities operates effectively, efficiently and thinking strategically.

Simply, FM value add to its organisation can be demonstrated through: Value Creation, Sustained Value and Value Contributions in enabling FM’s effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability, in supporting its customers and organisation.

This is workshop that FM practitioners should attend as applying even just one learning from the workshop back to their organisation will can probably achieve the ROI of time and training fee invested.

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Outsourcing Organisation’s facility management and support services?


For the next few writings, I will respond to some of the concerns raised by participants during the recent workshop on “Managing Service Level Agreement in Facilities during Tough Times”.

My opinion why companies would want to outsource the FM and support services is as follow:

  • Too much time spent on reactive maintenance
  • HIgh employees turnover
  • Low customer service
  • Budget out of control
  • Lack of skills in managing and executing the FM activities
  • Lack of tasks priorities
  • No way to measure performance
  • Unable to project manage change implementations
  • Unable to register asset (monitor & track)


Why outsourcing fail?

Organisations outsourced because of:

  • cost savings alone
  • getting rid of jobs the staff don’t understand or don’t want to take responsibility for
  • believing that major changes will happen right away
  • Poorly defined goals and measurement means
  • lack of communication between service provider and client

There are so much that we can discuss on concerning outsourcing. Keep the questions coming so that we can share on this blog.

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Service Level Agreement @ Kuala Lumpur

I was at Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, to facilitate a workshop on Service Level Agreement for Facility Management. It was challenging as SLA is relative new to FM and to deliver in a manner simple to understand.





What about Service Level Agreement for Facility Management?

A Facility Management (FM) Service Level Agreement (SLA) is contract between the FM provider (internal or external) and the customers (organisation and its end users), where the FM provider states what they will provide for the customer. SLAs are important to support FM departments to operate as a value added function as they are as ever striving to improve their service delivery and reduce expenses.

SLA covers the types of maintenance, response times, installation support, services issues, and a host of facility-related services, so on and so forth, that will be required by the customers.

It is important to have SLAs implement for FM, for two reasons:

1. It provides clarity and certainty about the service levels expected by both the FM service provider and the customer. Whenever there is a doubt, they can refer to the SLAs to address their concerns.

2. It allows the FM provider to measure its own performance and improve itself over time.

Other areas about SLAs that we as FM professional need to be aware of are the main components in writing an SLA, the objectives, the guidelines in establishing an SLA and performance measurement.

I will update soon….

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