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Leadership Approach – Leading Facilities Management Team

In today’s constant change and development in the practice of facilities management affect the widening and variety of scope that the facilities management practitioners need to take on. To take on these dynamic challenges and achieving the goals requires leadership.
There are as many ideas about leadership as there are writers, such as the Situational Leadership, Transformational Leadership, Transactional Leadership, Task-Oriented Leadership, Servant Leadership, People-Oriented Leadership, so on and so forth. Each of the leadership approach works well, there is no one ideal leadership approach that will result well in the different situations. Likewise, the field of facilities management has its unique situation different from the others. In my opinion, in adopting the most effective facilities management leadership approach, you have to consider these four essential aspects of needs:
Needs of the Individual:
Good leaders develop the people they work with and bring out their leadership qualities. They pay attention to and respect their values.
Needs of the Team:
A leader continually aware of the needs of his people, to work together more productively. The leader should invest in relationship.
Needs of the Task:
The leader’s responsibility is to ensure that the task assigned is completed successfully. In doing do, the leader need to clearly defines the task.
Needs of Self
The first person to lead is yourself. He first needs to cater his own needs, in order to support others’ need. An unresourceful leader is no good to anyone.
The facilities management leadership approach needs to be congruent to the four aspects of needs, and be flexible to adopt the appropriate techniques from the other leadership approaches to apply in the field of facilities management. I tend to subscribe to the quote, by Nelson Mandela, about what makes a leader.
“A leader is like a shepherd. He stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble go out ahead, where upon others follow, not realising that all along they are being directed from behind.” – Nelson Mandela.
To your success in FM !
Steven Ee

IFMA – Leadership and Management Course conducted in Singapore

I have attached a presentation on the recent IFMA – Leadership and Management Course conducted in Singapore.

Dr Gan C E was the Course Instructor, together with fellow Facility Management practitioners. I was there as the Course Facilitator. What I enjoyed most were the class discussions where the Instructor share his knowledge and sharing of valuable experiences among participants.


It is FMS Vision to elevate the profession of Facility Management, in Singapore, to be a value-added function and business advantage to organisation.

We hope you will support and join us in the journey…..

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Respond to Comments – 4th November 2009

Comments from Mr C S Tan:

I’ve worked in the FM line for 26 years.

Right now many skilled FM graduates are not easily available. They are either skilled FM diploma holders now working overseas or engaged in other more lucrative jobs compared to the “Thankless” FM job. Our local state universities do not offer “FM degree” leading to difficulties in recruiting “locally qualified/recognised & respected” FM personnel. Most of them are either Real Estates/Building Science graduates.

For a start, it would be good to have someone to spearhead and to bring all the FM people together through member ship, have it accredited and recognised by the local government agencies and start offering recognised FM degrees. hopefully it will raise the status of FM jobs.

Hi Mr C S Tan, thanks for your very practical comments. I agree with you on the challenges in recruiting good FM personnel. Through my observations, FM professionals who do not have degrees can still be very successful. Some of them whom I know personally, they all possess common traits: Excellent Attitude, Flexible and Adaptable. 

In the past, in recruiting staff, it is common that most organisations would size up the applicants, first, based on their academic qualifications as consideration criteria. I am glad to know that, today, most MNCs are beginning to hire based on the professional credentials, that the applicants possessed, as a mark of the competencies that the professionals have achieved.

In elevating the profession of FM, it’s depends on each and every individual fellow FM practitioners to contribute, first, to his or her own organisation that FM can be a value added function and be a business advantage to the organisation.

The FM profession is relatively new, as compared to other professions such as architecture, project management, engineering, etc. I am glad that FMS Associates Asia Pte Ltd, in Singapore, has been appointed as the IFMA Approved Provider, in Asia, for it’s globally recognised FM credentials – FMP & CFM. FMS has started the programmes in July, 2009, and is running it’s 2nd batch of FMP (Facility Management Professional).

Sincerely, I really do look forward that the local fellow FM practitioners will come together, as a FM body, to have the profession of Facility Management recognised & accredited (in Singapore) by local government agencies and organisations.


To FM Success!


Making a Difference in Facility Management….

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