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FM Pointers

In the January’s FM Pointers, you were asked, “What are your goals for your FM career for 2016”. If you have written your goals in a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-specific (S.M.A.R.T) manner, congratulations to you! I hope that will bring you purpose, focus, fresh perspective and passion towards your career in facilities management.

For those who have yet to set your goals, it’s not too late to do so and you may want to get started with just one career growth goal. To set a goal is to make a decision to achieve your certain outcome.

Facilities management is a goldmine profession where its practice has evolved and its value gaining recognition by organisations as strategic resource for their business operations’ success. Facilities management profession is exciting and challenging. It requires practitioners to be able to see their organisations’ strategic objectives, manage diverse disciplines, for both hard engineering and soft services, and to co-ordinate with multiple functions in order to align the FM activities effectively and efficiently in supporting the business operations well.

To be successful in facilities management, it requires practitioners with passion. Here are some questions to probe to assess if you are suited for the profession:

  • What are you most passionate about working in facilities management?

  • What do you see around your work environment that you want to fight for (or against), that challenge you to want to make a difference?

  • What have been the most satisfying things you have done in facilities management? What have you accomplished that you are most proud of ?

If the above questions fan the flame of your excitement, then it is likely you find facilities management meaningful to you and you have found real purpose working in facilities management. Understanding your personality traits, talents, strength and weakness are important in designing your career success in facilities management.

To your FM Success!

Steven Ee

FM Facilitator & Coach … enhancing facilities management performance

Visions Bring Success – Clarifying Your Career in Facilities Management

FM Pointers

FM Pointers – January 2016

… stirring up your passion for facilities management


It’s 2016, a brand new year:

Let me ask every facilities management practitioner an important question, “What are your goals for your FM career for 2016”?

Career goals give purpose and significance to our career. Goals bring focus, order and enable us to see things differently. Goals energise us, provide motivation and give us a sense of direction. Goals also give a sense of purpose, a fresh perspective and a passion towards our career in FM.

If you are like most who are in FM profession, not by choice without any much thought or planning about your career then aren’t you alike a builder who constructs a building without a blueprint? The outcome is likely to be unsatisfied and frustrated. To have a rewarding and meaningful career in FM, you need to discover about yourself, your personal career goals, develop specific plans to achieve them. Over the months, review your career goals on a regular basis. At least quarterly, set aside time to evaluate your progress in relation to achieving your career goals. You need to set up your own career success blueprint, breaking them down into manageable annual goals to serve as guides to direct you progressively to be, to do and ultimately achieve them.

Let me wish you a blessed and joyous New Year and may you practice FM with passion.

Steven Ee 

FM Facilitator & Coach … enhancing facilities management performance


Hi friends & fellow facility management practitioners,

Thank you so much for all of your encouragement to put up a blog to provide a junction where not only I can share on facility management, it is also a place where we can share out views and opinion.

This blog took a litte longer than I thought. Yes, I must admit that the resistance was the change. To learn new things (get a domain, learn WordPress, etc).  Doesn’t that sound familiar? Just that I often challenge myself and facility management practitioners to face changes, the trend of challenges in business and organisation, remember: FOR THINGS TO CHANGE, I MUST CHANGE.

Like this blog, I will be taking “baby” steps to get it started and I beleve once I get the momentum, I will be able to get it going….confidently and comfortably. Next, I will quickly get this blog organised and will start putting my thoughts and learning here.

Again, thanks for your support.

To Your FM Success!

Steven Ee



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