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Steven Ee

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BCAA-IFMA Regional Facility Management Conference 2010

THANK YOU so much for those who expressed concern about my blog. Yes, it’s been a long silence……Some of you may know that I have been spending much time in promoting Facility Management profession and its practices and in creating awareness to raise the recognition for FM.

I like to update about the awareness of Facility Management and its awareness in Singapore, and probably South-East Asia.


22nd & 23rd April, 2010, marked a breakthrough for the Facility Management Profession through the organised BCAA-IFMA Regional Conference 2010, entitled “Sustainable Facility Management – A Business Advantage to Organisations” held at Grand Hyatt, Singapore. The events include, on Day One, one full day Seminar and evening Networking Dinner and Day Two, a half-day Workshop and a half-day Site Visits.

The most significant event was the signing of Memorandum of Understanding, MOU, between Building Construction Authority, BCA, and the International Facility Management Association, IFMA. The MOU was signed by Dr John Keung, CEO, BCA and Mr Tony Keane, CEO and President, IFMA. The event was published in The Straits Times, dated 23rd April, 2010.




At the evening Networking Dinner, presentation of certifications for the Facility Management Professional, FMP,and the Certified Facility Manager, CFM, has demonstrated the existence of Facility Management knowledge and competencies that are recognised globally and adopted by associations such as the Facility Management Australia ( FMA), British Institute of Facilities Management ( BIFM), Facility Management Japan ( FMJ) and etc. The credentials marked the proficiencies and competencies of Facility Management practitioners, having achieved the awards. The FMPs and CFMs are well seek after by Multi-National Companies, especially the Americans, British, Europeans, Japanese, etc, that recognised the values that these Facility Management professionals will bring to their organisations.





Ultimately, the events were organised to create the value of Facility Management, as the Conference put it, as a business advantage to organisations. How well will the profession and its practitioners will be recognised and raised to a higher level lies on each and every facility management practitioners. Together, let us take pride and continually contribute to raise the recognition of our profession.


To Your FM Success!

Steven Ee

…making a difference in facility management!


Ways to Prepare Your Presentations

Many a times when we have been asked to give a presentation, some of us (including myself) tend to find organisation and flow in the talk challenging.

Over times, I began to adopt the below general simple format to help me organise in my presentation:

1. Open: Present the objectives of the talk

2. Key Points: State 3 – 5 major areas my talk will cover

3. Details: Discuss the details of each key points.

4. Example: Give at least one example, whenever appropriate, to the audience so that they can understand better.

5. Close: Recap my key points

6. Next steps: Tell the group what will be happening next.

I hope that helps. Keep the questioning coming. Let’s share & learn.


To Your FM Success!

“Making a Difference in Facility Management”

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