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Value-Based Facilities Management

Value-Based Facilities Management

The “Value-Based Facilities Management” book was launched on 29th September, 2015, at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

It was launched in conjunction with the International Facilities Management Conference, 2015, where I had the privilege to serve as Speaker, on 29th September, and as Moderator for the Leaders’ Forum.

Over the three days of conference and exhibition, about 300 books were sold ! Very encouraged by the support and generous good feedback from the participants and especially friends who especially took time to drop by to congratulate and supported by buying books for their team members.

I am also happy to announce the launch of, a website specially dedicated for the book. I hope the book is able to impressed upon FM practitioners to work towards identifying-sustaining and contributing value intentionally so as to deliver competitive advantage to organisations.


To your FM success !


Steven Ee

FM Facilitator & Coach








How FM can Add Value to Organisation

Outsourcing and cost reduction have been and still are an important trend within facility management, but in recent years, this has been combined with a new trend with more focus on value-add to organisations.

The photos show an activity that reflect the “value Add” efforts to a mission.

You know as well as I do that Value add is NOT equal to Cost Reduction.

Facility Management can add significant value to its organisation by focusing on best practices, ensuring the facilities operates effectively, efficiently and thinking strategically.

Simply, FM value add to its organisation can be demonstrated through: Value Creation, Sustained Value and Value Contributions in enabling FM’s effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability, in supporting its customers and organisation.

This is workshop that FM practitioners should attend as applying even just one learning from the workshop back to their organisation will can probably achieve the ROI of time and training fee invested.

To Your Success!

makinga difference in FM……

Doing what I love, having fun and enjoying….

I received few concerns about what were I doing lately and I like to take this opportunity to do a quick update on some of my involvement:

I had fun doing “SLA for FM”, in Kuala Lumpur. It was the  and contributions by the learners that have made the learning very meaningful and successful. Few key learning that the participants and myself experienced were that SLA document has to be practical and realistic to support the organisations operations’ requirement and the established document has to be developed, agreed and tested by the stakeholders.

That was a course on “Business of FM” conducted in November and my first time conducting a all man class and they are mainly experts and with many years of experience, comprised of learners locally, from Brunei, Africa – USA. I enjoyed very much to be with like-minded people in FM and the course turned up to be very conversational and I believe at the end of the two-day course, all of them became very good friends. That had achieved one of my goal for the course, that is to create an environment where FM practitioners where can network, even after the course.

 I was in Dubai, last month, delivering “Budgeting & ROI for FM” for a group of properties and facilities executive, from a government organisation. It was an investment of time to have the team to spend time to understand and appreciate the need to establish a reasonable and practical budgeting plan and also how to determine the feasibility of projects / ideas. The learning would enable them to consider the learning, the processes to incorporate into their practices. I enjoyed and appreciate very much their hospitality while I was in Dubai.

Till end of December, it will be a time of rest and evaluation for me so that I can better add value to FMers for the coming year. I sincerely wish to thank the support given to me and the encouragements that have pressed me on all these while.  

To Your Success!

Steven Ee

…making a difference in FM.

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