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What is Facility Management?

Isn’t this a common question asked that we often being taken off-guard?

You never know when you may be asked by your CEO (in the lift), VIPs, Visitors, etc., when you are asked “Mr / Ms FM professional, what do you do in facility management? That is a question that may “make or break” your career with your organisation.

Here are two definitions of Facility Management by well-know professional bodies:

“the practice of coordinating the physical workplace with the people and work of the organisation” – International Facility Management Association, IFMA

“The integration of multi-disciplinary activities with the built environment ad the management of their impact upon the people and the workplace.” – British Institute of Facilities Management, BIFM

Which is right / wrong? Take what is useful. Personally, I would suggest that as FM practitioners we need to have a tag-line handy to answer that question “what do you do in FM” within 1minute statement. Something proactive as a “profit centre” rather as a reactive, “cost centre”, simple and clear. Agree? 


Reactive answers will be: “I fix problems” or “when something breaks I make it run again”.

Proactive anwers will be: “We keep facilities operating at peak performance” or “We add-value to company by ensuring the facilities operating effectively and at peak efficiency”.

I leant the need to be ready with answers when asked that “ever green / ice-breaker” question especially when I was presenting at Shangri-La Hotel, early this year, for the launch of Diploma course in Resort Facilities Service and Management by Singapore Polytechnic.


Just before my speech, that was my nervous point, I was introduced to Media Corp Radio. You know what it does, broadcasting over radio! Sure enough, later that afternoon, I received a call for permission to broadcast. Listen by clicking this link facility-management1 . Not only that, I received call that my comments will be published in the “Today’s” newspaper. Click on to the link to see today-newspaper . Was I nervous? Sure I was, very. Can I turn down the interview? Yes BUT I took that as an opportunity to “preach” FM.

Fellow FM practitioners, I not writing this to impress you impress upon you the need to be ready with a proactive answer when asked “What do you do in facility management”?

Drop me a not to share your opinions, comments and what you like me to share with our fellow FM practitioners. This is a junction dedicated for FM and its professionals.

To Your Success!

Steven Ee

Congratulation to the FMP Graduates!

I salute to these 4 FMPs who have persevered, with passion, in completing the Facility Management Professional (FMP) program and have earned the FMP title awared by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). They are the FIRST batch of FMP in Singapore, and probably Asia. Wow, what an achievement! 

 Presenting… The 4 FMPs, first in Singapore, some say Asia!  Leadership & Management Class – Last Module of FMP program 

These are the FM professionals who are committed in raising the practice of facility management and the profession and be differentiated from others by pursuing the FMP title. They know whom to model and learn after for the best practices in facility management, the IFMA. IFMA being the first and foremost FM body to develop training & recognises the knowledge and competencies of facility management practitioners through its credential programs – FMP & CFM (Certified Facility Manager)

FMS is the first in Singapore to run the International Facility Management Association, IFMA, credential programs – FMP & CFM. FMS was awarded the “Approved Provider” for Asia region (except China & Hong Kong), begining of the year and started the first module, “The Business of Facility Management” in July 2008. For more info on FMP credential programs, click on this link: IFMA Credential Programs.

To Your FM Success!

Steven Ee


Hi friends & fellow facility management practitioners,

Thank you so much for all of your encouragement to put up a blog to provide a junction where not only I can share on facility management, it is also a place where we can share out views and opinion.

This blog took a litte longer than I thought. Yes, I must admit that the resistance was the change. To learn new things (get a domain, learn WordPress, etc).  Doesn’t that sound familiar? Just that I often challenge myself and facility management practitioners to face changes, the trend of challenges in business and organisation, remember: FOR THINGS TO CHANGE, I MUST CHANGE.

Like this blog, I will be taking “baby” steps to get it started and I beleve once I get the momentum, I will be able to get it going….confidently and comfortably. Next, I will quickly get this blog organised and will start putting my thoughts and learning here.

Again, thanks for your support.

To Your FM Success!

Steven Ee

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