Admit When You Are Wrong…..and Quickly

At a recent workshop, the instructor, somehow, mentioned before ending the day that as FMers, often we may make mistakes and that’s OK. When that happens, by owning up to your mistakes, you clear the air and send an important message about RESPONSIBILITY. As I reflect, we all make mistakes, so why are people so unwilling to admit an error?

When we make a mistake, admit it. It’s important to do this at the time you realise it, while it is affecting peole. Otherwise, it looks like you’re trying to shift blame. Tell the involved party or parties what, if anything, you can and will do to correct it. If the damage is irreversible, an apology is the only recourse, so apoloise.

Let’s reflect, as facility management practitioners:

– How do we react when you realise we’ve made a mistake?

– What have been our experiences after admitting a mistake, bad or good?

– How lng does it take us to get around to admitting a mistake?

I thought that was a good lesson that I learnt that I like to share with you.


To Your FM Success!

Making a Difference in Facility Management……..

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