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Service Level Agreement (SLA) – How to Manage Expectations and Deliver Service Excellence

This month, we are going to look at how may facilities management services keep pace with the ever increasing and change in its customers’ needs and expectation, in delivering what matters them. One of the effective tools to adopt is the use of a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The purpose for establishing a SLA is to clearly define the customers’ expectations and to serve as a guide for resource prioritisation, services standards and measurement criteria. That will reduce the challenges often faced by FM, such:

  • Unclear objectives

  • Unclear expectations

  • Unclear and changing priorities

  • Communication breakdowns

There is a saying that goes like “what that cannot be measured, cannot be managed”. Prior to developing a SLA, it is important for FM to take stock of the facilities services and to know:

  • What systems and their equipment installed on site;

  • The facilities maintenance management needed;

  • The critical services and the consequences should they fail.

The SLA should include the Service Specifications and Key Performance Indicators that clearly define the performance criteria which FM services performance will be based and measured, in delivering specific level of needs and agreed level of service.

The benefits of an effective FM SLA are such as to:

  • Achieve effective communication

  • Strengthen relationship between FM and its customers

  • Better manage customers’ expectations

  • Create a pleasant customer experience

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