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Outsourcing Organisation’s facility management and support services?


For the next few writings, I will respond to some of the concerns raised by participants during the recent workshop on “Managing Service Level Agreement in Facilities during Tough Times”.

My opinion why companies would want to outsource the FM and support services is as follow:

  • Too much time spent on reactive maintenance
  • HIgh employees turnover
  • Low customer service
  • Budget out of control
  • Lack of skills in managing and executing the FM activities
  • Lack of tasks priorities
  • No way to measure performance
  • Unable to project manage change implementations
  • Unable to register asset (monitor & track)


Why outsourcing fail?

Organisations outsourced because of:

  • cost savings alone
  • getting rid of jobs the staff don’t understand or don’t want to take responsibility for
  • believing that major changes will happen right away
  • Poorly defined goals and measurement means
  • lack of communication between service provider and client

There are so much that we can discuss on concerning outsourcing. Keep the questions coming so that we can share on this blog.

To your FM success!

Steven Ee

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Managing Service Level Agreement in Facilities During Tough Times

Hi, I was away on 9th (Singapore’s National Day) & 10th Aug, to be with a group of wonderful learners, in Malaysia, doing a 2 days workshop on “Managing SLA in Facilities During Tough Times”

We had a great time of learning and sharing. Some pointer shared are:

  • know what FM is, in accordance to IFMA definition & its core competencies (in a very short time)
  • know the benefits & why SLA for FM
  • SLA may be a potential strategy to transform what FM often viewed as cost centre to PROFIT Centre.
  • The importance to be mindful of the Critical Success Factors to support, the KPIs in supporting the core business functions and enabling them to successfully align with the business objectives and goals.
  • In tough times, FMers ought to be flexible and adaptable to change. Know that FM is a management discipline….beyond the bolts and nuts.
  • Important: What not measured cannot be managed

I like to thank the following wonderful, fellow FMers and learners, for being so participative and supportive towards the success of the workshop:

  • Sabri, Rafi, Reza, Nelson, Moly
  • Krishna, Anto, Ibrahim, Faizal, Izwan
  • Karam, Elly, Rai, Alif, Shariri & Vanz

To Your FM Success!

Steven Ee

Making a Difference in FM…..



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