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Overcoming Financial Challenges in Managing Facilities Efficiently

What did I speak on during the Facility Management 2009 Conference?

I was privilege to start off the conference by sharing on how we as FM practitioners can possibly overcome financial challenge in managing facilities efficiently by:

  1. Explaining the potential of the practice of FM as a value-added function and business advantage to organisations
  2. Reducing Costs while giving quality services
  3. Shifting from preventive maintenance to pro-active maintenance
  4. Battling with increasing energy costs
  5. Identifying facility management goals that align with corporate goals
  6. Maintaining a competitive edge while providing efficient facilities

It was a challenging delivery for me as I was requested to address the above concerns with 40 mins. My goal for the presentation was not to impress but impress upon fellow FM practitioners that this is the time that we can demonstrate our value-add capabilities and potential advantages to our organisations. 

To Your FM Success!

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Facility Management 2009

Hello, I know it’s been a long silence… reason is because I was involved in the FM2009 Conference jointly organised by Ahrals & IFMA-Singapore Chapter. Thanks for your concerns.  I will catch up with the questions posted to me.


As a Speaker   


As a Moderator for Panel Discussion


It was a good learning experience from the FM experts which include representatives from the BCA, NUS, SIArch, Premas, CPG, Temasek, and well known private organisations. The theme was “Managing Through the Economic Crisis” , which I thought is timely and appropriate for FM professionals to get together to learn and share.

Topics delivered include:

– Overcoming financial challenges in managing facilities efficiently

– Looking into the benfits of otsourcing facilities

– Sustainable facility management for improved profit and improved CSR

– Facilities Management of PPP Projects

– Global solutions for strategic property and facilities management

– Understanding the responsbilities of facilities managers under the Worksplace Safety & Health Act

– Holistic approach in designing of physical protectio system

– Security solutions that enhance FM

– BCA Green Mark guidelines for existing buildings

– Performance benchmarking and best practices for facility construction projects

– Paving the way forward for intelligent facilities

– Green solutions for a “Sustainable Tomorrow” faciities

From the topic current topics of interest also indicates the trend of FM as we are experiencing the financial crisis.

Catch up soon.

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“making a difference in facility management….”

Facility Management Credential Programs – FMP & CFM

Hello FM Practitioners,

Welcome back to this blog. In responding to enquiries about information on IFMA credential programs – FMP & CFM, I have created a slide show. The presentation will explain briefly the credential programs, their entry requirement and the competencies covered. Also, the presentation shows the learning environment that participants will undergo.

Please email this link to your colleagues,friends, whoever who may be keen in FM credential programs.

Keep your questions, queries coming. I will do my best to cover them.

To Your FM Success!

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