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Many FM practitioners expressed their frustrations and challenges faced, especially in today’s competitive business environment. The more we need to hang on and PRESS ON!

I come across this passage which I thought will be useful for us as FM practitioners:

“Most people give up after the first or second try. Very few last beyond three attempts. All it takes is one bad experience, a lot of us will tend to “chicken-out”. Some never try again.

However, we all eventually learned to walk. The reason we did that was that we just kept trying & falling down until we finally succeeded. Nobody with a normal mind ever stops a child trying to walk because they have fallen on the floor a few times!

The problem with being an adult is that the risks of failure seems too great for us to be willing to take chances. We often afraid of what other will think of us if we look foolish. They abandon their goals because of concern with what others think of them should they fail.”

I hope this is useful for us to PRESS ON!

To Your FM Success!

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