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FM: A Value Added Function Perspective

Last week, I had the privilege to conduct a one day seminar to a group, mostly from government agencies, on how facility management can be a value added function in an organisation.

I’m glad that FM is beginning to be recognised of its importance in supporting its organisation’s core business activities and its potentials to operate toward as a profit centre (rather as a cost centre).

Like other private companies, one of FM focus is on quality management, particularly “Key Performance Indicators” (KPIs) and alike Performance Measurements. That make really sense as what that cannot be measured cannot be managed and when quality aspect is ensured, the outcome can experience tremendous benefits, such as achieving more effective and efficient results, which will add value to organisation and contributes to potential cost reduction.

On the financial aspect, ways that can add value to  organisation  are through Value Creation, Sustaining Values, and Income Generation.

Before these value-add activities can be possible, first it must begin with our mind that FM can be a value added function to organisations. Right?

To Your FM Success!

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