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Respond to Martin’s Comments – 3rd Nov 2009

Comments from Martin:

Hi, nice informative site you have there.

I am new entrant to FM for almost 2 years. It would nice for me to formalised, cement my keen interest and grow in the industry. However, I find it hard to decide which FM Diploma course to take in the market where there are many varieties from local to overseas affiliated programs. Is there a major difference in the FM and PM program?

Can you advise me which is a good & best FM diploma course (recognised locally & overseas – in case need to venture oversea) to take?

Hi Martin, in answering to your question on”which is a good & best FM diploma course to take?”, it can be subjective. It depends on what FM career pathway you want to pursue.

 In my opinion, firstly FM course at diploma level can be challenging, especially for someone new to FM and for FM is a management discipline. It will be good for someone who intent to take on a diploma in FM to have experience and knowledge, at least, relating to built-facilities. FM is a diverse discipline that include also the knowledge of engineering, finance, management, etc, beyond bolts and nuts. The fundamental of the facilities systems need to be appreciated before learning and practising the integration of the diverse disciplines, in a proactive manner.

I will suggest that you do a search, online, on your ideal FM job’s requirement through “jobs search” , companies like,, etc on the job description and its requirement. From my experience, most MNC, USA, European companies tend to seek FM professionals with relevant credentials like Facility Management Professional (FMP), Certified Facility Manager (CFM), etc. Personally, I do have “Search / Head-Hunters” companies calling because of the FM credential that I have.  I believe that recognise professional credential speak of the person’s knowledge-based and competencies that he / she has achieved.

As for the difference between FM & PM, I presume “PM” refers to “Preventive Maintenance”, PM is part of Operation & Maintenance competency under Facility Management.

Martin, I hope that helps. Fellow FM practitioners, if you have advise or suggestions for Martin, please do so. This blog is all about learning and sharing to fellow FM practitioners. Together, we can elevate the profession of FM and help each other to be better.

To Your FM Success!

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