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The Objectives of Service Level Agreement (SLA)

First, I like to thank those who are following this blog and pushing me on. This blog is really dedicated for facility management practitioners and those who have interest in facility management and I’m glad that some of you find it useful and informative. Likewise, I benefited a lot through the questions asked and issues raised pertaining to FM. That set my mind thinking. Also, I get to know few new fellow FM practitioners from this blog.

OK, from my last post, one wonder what are the objectives of SLA? The objectives of establishing SLA for FM are to:

  • Provide formal records of FM obligations towards its customers (end users) and suppliers.
  • Eliminate the gap in expectations between FM department, its suppliers and its customers.
  • Establish direct channels of communication. FM services are to be through FM department’s designated staff.
  • Establish clarity and certainty.
  • Stimulate a sense of responsibility in both the FM department (including its suppliers) and its customers.
  • Increases insight into costs.
  • Creates a clear understanding about the package, quantity and costs.
  • Demonstrates added value to its organisation.

I will elaborate further on what Service Level Agreement (SLA) is about and how relevant it is to facility management. Please feel free to comment….


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