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Many FM practitioners expressed their frustrations and challenges faced, especially in today’s competitive business environment. The more we need to hang on and PRESS ON!

I come across this passage which I thought will be useful for us as FM practitioners:

“Most people give up after the first or second try. Very few last beyond three attempts. All it takes is one bad experience, a lot of us will tend to “chicken-out”. Some never try again.

However, we all eventually learned to walk. The reason we did that was that we just kept trying & falling down until we finally succeeded. Nobody with a normal mind ever stops a child trying to walk because they have fallen on the floor a few times!

The problem with being an adult is that the risks of failure seems too great for us to be willing to take chances. We often afraid of what other will think of us if we look foolish. They abandon their goals because of concern with what others think of them should they fail.”

I hope this is useful for us to PRESS ON!

To Your FM Success!

Making a Difference in Facility Management…..

Career Talk @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic

IFMA-Singapore Chapter was invited by Ngee Ann Polytechnic on 20th November, 2009, to present “Career Talk” for the final year “FM” students. Myself, the Professional Development Chair, and a Past President of IFMA-Singapore Chapter presented on: Background of IFMA, FM Credential Programs, FM Career Trend & Oppotunities.

That was a mission to create awareness and promote the profession of FM that aim to provide FM graduates to be, motivation and inspiration, towards being a FM practitioner.

Should any organisations or institutions be interested to find out more about IFMA-Singapore chapter, do log on to

To Your FM Success!

Making a Difference in Facility Management……..

FM: A Value Added Function Perspective

Last week, I had the privilege to conduct a one day seminar to a group, mostly from government agencies, on how facility management can be a value added function in an organisation.

I’m glad that FM is beginning to be recognised of its importance in supporting its organisation’s core business activities and its potentials to operate toward as a profit centre (rather as a cost centre).

Like other private companies, one of FM focus is on quality management, particularly “Key Performance Indicators” (KPIs) and alike Performance Measurements. That make really sense as what that cannot be measured cannot be managed and when quality aspect is ensured, the outcome can experience tremendous benefits, such as achieving more effective and efficient results, which will add value to organisation and contributes to potential cost reduction.

On the financial aspect, ways that can add value to  organisation  are through Value Creation, Sustaining Values, and Income Generation.

Before these value-add activities can be possible, first it must begin with our mind that FM can be a value added function to organisations. Right?

To Your FM Success!

Making a Difference in Facility Management….

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